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Making par on the Peninsula

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‘A huge crowd has gathered here on the eighteenth at Moonah Links Open course. Robert Allenby has four feet to the pin to make this put – this for the Championship…’



‘…Welcome to the Peninsula Hot Springs Mr.Allenby and congratulations on your win sir.  Your private hot mineral bath is now ready for you, and to follow a Kodo massage inspired by Aboriginal techniques to tone and re-align your energy flow and enhance your mind and body balance”.




Down on the farm at Barnbougle Dunes

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“Old Macdonald had a farm, ee aye ee aye oh, and on that farm he had a…golf course?”


Farmer Macdonald may not have had the acreage on his nursery rhyme farm for a world class course, but Richard Sattler had plenty on his at Barnbougle near Bridport on the Northern Tasmanian coastline. And when an enthusiastic and passionate local approached Sattler about a vision for a top quality links course, the first seed had been sown in the farm of fairways down at Barnbougle Dunes.


Driving round Tasmania (with golf clubs ofcourse)

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  It’s another stinking hot day in Melbourne with the mercury bubbling at near forty degrees. I’m stranded at a railway crossing on the busy Toorak Road on my way to Malvern Valley golf course in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. Some friends of mine had booked us in for a round and I was already running late amongst heavy traffic.  My desire to go on was melting under the searing heat outside and the sauna like conditions inside my car. I was under pressure from my friends to arrive on time as I had been late on previous occasions and the booking had been made three weeks ago. I thought to myself, i could do without the added scrutiny of my drive off the tee in front of impatient onlookers.



Jamming it up at York Park

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The 1960’s at Launceston’s York Park Speedway where six-day racing was full of thrills, spills and even some West Indian



As I reached for the bag of donuts from high above the counter, the sound of clanging metal and bodies slapping on cement arose in the background over gasps from the packed crowd. “There’s been a fall in the back straight, “race-commentator Alf Brooks blasted across the speakers. “ One, two, – three teams have come down in another sensation here at the six”.


I turned and darted for the fence, clinging onto the bag of donuts with sugar coated fingers after quickly devouring my first one. I weaved in and out of the crowd like a goldfish in a tank. At the fence I peered over and towards the mangled wreck of bikes strewn across the track. There was chaos everywhere with riders untangling themselves from the mess and handlers and officials dashing to the scene.