Jai Crawford (02/04/2009)

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 LG) How did you become involved in cycling

JC) I started riding mountain bikes with my eldest brother on weekends, eventually we had a start in a local club race and I was hooked from then on.


Best win or most satisfying performance so far? 

Riding to 2nd place on GC in Tour de Langkawi was a pretty special moment for me.  It was the first time I represented Australia in road cycling and despite not being able to win; it was a great feeling to have the team and staff behind me.


  How many kilometres would you train a week on average? 

 When I’m in preparation for an important race I’d be doing around 1000km a week.





Favourite training ride or region? 

For the short times I’ve been in Europe, I have really enjoyed training there.  Cyclists get a lot of respect from motorists and that makes training a much more pleasant experience.  The Ardennes in Belgium has some good roads.


 Favourite race? 

Tour of Japan.  There isn’t too much wrong with Japan, everything is so well organized, the food is good, the hotels are always comfortable and the people are friendly.  The race itself is particularly difficult, every stage is at you and there is a time trial up Mount Fuji.  It’s a race that suits me reasonably well.  Unfortunately I ran second there last year by 2 seconds.


Who has been the biggest influence on your career? 

There have been a few things influence my career, a lot of them detrimental.  The positive influences are what matter though and without a doubt my parents have played an important role.  They never once questioned my ability as a cyclist even though I have only knuckled down and started to perform in the last 2 years.  I think it’s vitally important to have that kind of support from your family.


Other sporting interests? 

 I don’t mind watching most sports.  I played soccer when I was younger and a bit of cricket.  Walking with my wife is always good.


 The hardest hill climb (training or race)? 

 Its hard to beat Genting Highlands, most riders who have raced it would rate it up there.


Favourite food? 

My wife’s Beef and Potato stew.  Chunks of beef and chunks of potato with fragrant Chinese spices.  I could eat it everyday and be a very happy man.


Favourite drink? 

Coconut Juice.


 Three people you would like to go on a training ride with?  

 Steve Aitken the half wheel king of old, Sid Taberlay Mountain Bike extraordinaire and without a doubt the King Karl Menzies.  It would be a pretty slow ride if you went out with movie stars and the like.  They would be talking crap too.


Best place visited through cycling? 

Lijiang, China.  I have fond memories of training in the mountains there and spending time with my wife in the ancient city. 


 Favourite band or music? 

Damian Rice.


Brand of bike you currently race on? 



 What’s the best thing about cycling or racing?

 For me it’s the disciplined lifestyle, good things don’t come easy.


  Advice you would give a junior or cyclist wishing to break into the sport? 

 Get a MTB, its fun, safer than the road and it will make you strong.


Team / sponsor? 

Savings & Loans.



      Currently live ? 

      Bellerive, Hobart.


      When were you born ?




      Where were you born? 




Jai Crawford thanks for spending some time off the saddle on The Licorice Gallery. (02/04/2009).